There is a narrative coming through loud and clear from both political parties in America, and within that narrative are some strong assertions.

The question is, what if certain assertions are wrong..? 


What if they're wrong that man-made Climate Change is a hoax?
What if we've been wasting 40 years arguing for nothing?

What if the cost of addressing Climate Change did not cripple the economy? 
What if new technologies were a massive boon to infrastructure and tech jobs in America?

What if immigrants are not the reason jobs disappeared in America? 
What if it was corporations shipping jobs overseas in the 80s and 90s and automation replacing jobs in the 2000s?

What if Trickle Down Economics is not how the economy will bounce back for working people? 
What if tax breaks for the rich only benefit the rich?

What if privatization is not the best solution to our prisons, postal service, national security, infrastructure, transportation institutions? 
What if the profit motive is not the best engine for certain institutions?

What if Health Care should not be handled by Insurance Companies who are driven by the profit motive? 
What if America is making bad policy decisions trying to involve for-profit thinking in health care infrastructure?

What if there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the government made that up to justify an invasion?

What if God or nature didn't hate homosexuality?
What if sexual orientation was the result of X/Y chromosomes and cultural upbringing and other things outside of the control of the individual?

What if the world is older than 5000 years and the bible is not literal?
What if the Bible was an essential text written by some smart pious dudes but not a literal account of the world that trumps science?

What if the Constitution is not inflexible?
Why would we feel the need to interpret a document drafted by some smart dudes literally in every way over 200 years later? Are "originalists" being silly? What did the framers know of our modern world, be it AK47's or cell phones?

What if they're wrong that compromise is weakness?
The greatest aspect of humanity is reason. As explored over and over in these pages, it is not a natural state. It is a higher state. Compromise is the result of reasoned debate and acceptance of differences.